UA Libraries Announce Winners of the Fifth Annual Book Collecting Contest

L to R: Sonja Rossow, Sara Parkel, Timothy Winkler, Associate Dean, Dr. Mildred Jackson, Wesley Vaughn, Edward Mostoller and Margaret Brandl

Collections focusing on the National Basketball Association, the Middle East, pop-up books, and artist’s books were among the winners of The University of Alabama Libraries’ Fifth Annual Book Collecting Contest. Students were asked to submit an application, a selection of books in each collection, a written essay describing the collection, and an annotated bibliography. The contest was co-sponsored by the Alabama Center for the Book.

“In today’s climate moving toward an electronic format, book collecting is more important than ever,” said Michael Pearce, reference librarian, Gorgas Information Services and chair of this year’s contest. “We are really impressed with the entries this year and though we cannot award a prize to everyone, they are all deserving of recognition.”

Winners were selected in graduate and undergraduate categories and received cash prizes along with a one-year membership in the Rotunda Library Society. Winners were awarded cash prizes and first place contest winners are eligible to compete in The Fine Books & Collections Collegiate Book-Collecting Championship, sponsored by Fine Books & Collections.

The winners are:
• Wesley Vaughn, junior majoring in Public Relations and Political Science, first place undergraduate category. His collection highlighted the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA).
• Edward Mostoller, a junior majoring in Political Science, second place undergraduate category. Mostoller’s collection featured literature of the Middle East and South Asia.
• Margaret Brandl, a senior majoring in English, third place undergraduate category. Her collection featured the Sailor Moon series.
• Timothy Winkler, a candidate for the MFA in Book Arts, first place graduate category. Winkler’s collection featured Outsider art books.
• Sara Parkel, a candidate for the MFA in Book Arts, second place graduate category. Parkel’s collection focused on artist books.
• Sonja Rossow, a candidate for the MFA in Book Arts, third place graduate category. Her collection centered on pop-up books.
• Lindsey Smith, a political science graduate student, honorable mention for her collection of Wizard of Oz books.
• Alexander Parks, an education graduate student, honorable mention for his collection of African-American adolescent readers.

The winners were recently announced by Dr. Mildred L. Jackson, associate dean of libraries. Robert Riter, instructor for UA’s School of Library and Information Studies, was the guest speaker at the awards reception.

The winner of the Undergraduate Research Prize (contest) is Isabela Morales.


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